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YA Bell, Hilari The Last Knight by Hilari Bell

Fisk is poor but street-wise; Sir Michael is rich but a knight in a time without them. Watch them try not to kill each other or be killed as they try to rescue Lady Ceciel.

YA Berry, Julie Secondhand Charm

On her way to the university to become a physician, Evie has a series of adventures and learns of her Serpentia heritage, her magical powers, and the secret of the gypsy charm she wears around her neck.

YA/YA PB Black, Holly White Cat The circumstances surrounding Lila’s death are somewhat foggy in Cassel’s mind. All he remembers is that he killed her. But when a mysterious white cat enters his life, he learns that his curse-worker brothers have manipulated his memories, and that his own latent talents are even more powerful than theirs. He must use this power to control his family. The story continues in The Red Glove.

YA/YA PB Black, Jenna Glimmerglass

Frustrated with her alcoholic human mother, Dana travels to Avalon to find her faerie father. But her father’s life is more complicated than Dana realized, and she soon gets swept up in faerie politics, kidnappings, and assassination attempts. She also must determine if her new friend Ethan is just the bad-boy that he seems to be, or if he really has feelings for her. Followed by SHADOWSPELL and SIRENSONG.

Only useful things have names on the Island. Medford's world is turned upside-down by the goatman who challenges all the rules.

An attractive wizard has information that could prevent an impending war, and he chooses Sydelle, the weaver, to guide him to the capital city. Through their dangerous journey, a romance begins to develop.

Jinx's bad luck got her booted from Iowa, but it may stop her cousin's black magic.

  • Fireby Kristin Cashore

Fire, the last human monster, is determined to use her powers of mind-control only for good. When the ruling family seeks her protection from usurpers, she finds herself wrapped up in a net of political intrigue and conflicted in her affection for her lover, Archer, and her new attraction to Prince Brigan. Prequel to GRACELING.

Sebastian's a terrible court jester and his buffalope is a terrible coward, but these two may be the only ones to save Princess Kerin and stop her evil father. Hilarious!

Jack's not just some kid, he's the last of Weirland warriors and now he has to fight to the death.

Clary's sudden ability to see demons might hold a clue to her mother's disappearance.

When Nimira begins working for a young sorcerer, she discovers that his piano-playing automaton servant is actually a fairy prince, held captive in the metal body. As she begins to fall in love with him, Nimira searches for a way to set her prince free. Followed by MAGIC UNDER STONE.

Finn can barely remember his life before his imprisonment in Incarceron, a living prison which drives its inhabitants into a feral, war-like state. When Finn meets Claudia, the Warden’s daughter who wants to avoid an arranged marriage, the two begin to plot their escape. Followed by SAPPHIQUE.

When he was twelve, Jacob discovered a magic mirror in his father’s study and began his journeys to the Mirrorworld, an alternate reality full of faeries and war-like, stone Goyls. But years later, his younger brother travels through the mirror and is wounded by a Goyl claw, and Jacob must race to find a cure before his brother turns to stone.

He's a prince who talks to animals, she's a princess who only has a dog for a friend. Can they fall in love and save their kingdoms?

Turns out Anita isn't a normal teen from London, she's the lost daughter of the king and queen of the faerie's. Can she forget her old life and save the faerie world?

Aoife is just a few weeks away from her sixteenth birthday, the age when everyone in her family catches the “madness.” But after finding a cryptic note from her older brother, she stumbles into the Land of Thorn, the magical world her mother and brother described in their ravings. Along with her friend Cal and an intriguingly dangerous underworld boy, Dean, she embarks on a quest to save her brother.

Stephanie's only 12, but she's inherited her uncle's estate and his evil-fighting skeleton.

MORPHEUS ROAD: THE LIGHT When Marshall drew the ghoulish figure of “the Gravedigger,” he never expected it to come out of the page and haunt him. Now people are disappearing, including Marshall’s best friend Cooper, and some of them have died violent deaths. Marshall must figure out what is happening and find Cooper—if it’s not already too late! Followed by THE BLACK.

A decade after the royal family was assassinated, the kingdom of Lumatere is still waiting for the return of the lost heir to the throne, Balthazar, who will break the magical barrier that has isolated the kingdom. When Finnikin, a childhood friend of Balthazar, meets a girl who has visions of the heir’s triumphant return, they join forces to restore the kingdom.

When Sylvi joins in the traditional ritual bond with her Pegasus, Ebon, she discovers that they can communicate telepathically. But as Ebon allows her unconventional privileges, such as riding on his back, the break from tradition threatens the peaceful alliance of humans and Pegasi.

While camping in his father's controversial dragon preserve, Jake finds a poacher killed by a dragon and an orphan dragon. What he does with the information could ruin his dad.

Orphaned by assassins, Princess Ben is secretly learns magic while locked away in a tower for refusing to marry. It's her stubbornness and magic that might save her kingdom from invaders.

Ewy hasn't been a mage for long, but she holds the clue that will save the island of Starns from a dormant volcano.

Twins Sophie and Josh's quiet summer explodes when they are thrust into the battle for the secret formula for immortality and forced to master their new, and different talents.

Dusie wakes up to a head full of snakes and a family curse. Puberty = not cool.

Halli's practical joke gone wrong sends him on an epic quest.

In 950 B.C.E., the djinni Bartimaeus has been assigned to a cruel human master. When meets Asmira, a young assassin whose target is none other than King Solomon, they become entangled in a plot to steal Solomon’s powerful magic ring. Followed by THE BARTIMEUS TRILOGY.

After accepting an invitation from the Green Wind, September finds herself in Fairyland. She quickly befriends some magical creatures and just as soon needs to complete a quest in order to rescue them from the hands of a wicked Marquess.

  • Stolen by Vivian Vande Velde

Is the teen found in the woods really Isabelle, stolen by a witch six years earlier?

Mackie knows that he is a changeling, a fragile non-human creature that the faeries left behind when they stole his parents’ real baby as a human sacrifice. Unlike most replacements, Mackie has survived to his teenage years, and when the next human baby is stolen, Mackie is determined to challenge the faeries—despite his failing physical health—and rescue the little girl.