Books with Bite: Attack of the Vampires

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Article in Young Adult Fiction and Horror categories.

Erin's been in therapy for half of her sixteen years, but is the problem her schizophrenia or vampires?
Only his aunt and best friend know Vlad half-vampire, but when his missing teacher is replaced by a sinister substitute, he's afraid the his secret and the mystery about his parents' deaths are about to blast open. Follow Vlad in The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Ninth Grade Slays .
Zoey Rebird enters the House of Night where she trains as an adult vampyre. The story continues with Betrayed,Chosenand Untamed.
Schuyler Van Alen, from one of New York City's wealthiest families wonders if her unexpected changes have anything to do with her classmate who was found drained of blood. Find out more in Masquerade.
Lucy had diabetes and an obsession with the dark side. She thinks they are related. Will she find out the truth or lose everything to the vampire she meets online?
This manga series follows Hellsing, a secret British organization headed by the vampire Alucard in its quest to defend England against other vampires and monsters.
Cole has been a heme and a teen for over 100 years. On a road trip with impulsive Sandor they have to track down a newcomer and see if he as what it takes to live without sunlight . . . or family.
Sunny's twin sister Rayne was the one who wanted to be a vampire, but due to mistaken identity, Sunny's the one who's been bitten. Can she avoid eternal life? Check out the sequels Stake That! and Girls that Growl.
Teens Lissa, a mortal vampire and Rose, her guardian, fled Montana's St. Vladimir's Academy two years ago. Now that they are back they must be on their guard against the powerful Strigoi vampires and losing their hearts to boys. Follow up with Frostbite.
Vegan Vampire Morning is to be the first vampire to reveal himself to humans and prove that he can help them. Will his soy-blood substitute drinking self make it to the Vampire Pride parade? Find out here!
Can 17 year old Bella find true love with a vegetarian vampire in the rainy woods of Forks? Or will she fall for friendly Jacob, the werewolf-next-door? You'll have to read New Moon, Eclipseand Breaking Dawnfor the whole story.
A hilarious look at what it meas to choose to follow your parents into vampire-ism and how that limits your boyfriend choices.
Cody doesn't need Charon the wolf to tell him that Vlad Dracul Magnet School isn't like his old high school. It also doesn't take him long to figure out that the super-strong, sun-hating students are vampires? Watch as Cody hilariously tries to get humans and vampires to get along.
Gothy Raven always wanted to be a vampire. Can Alexander Sterling, who's just moved into town, make her dreams come true?
Woodcutter Tomas' past threatens him and his son when the dead of Chust rise from the grave. Will Peter figure out Tomas' secret before the town wreaks revenge?
Darren didn't think that Steve's invitation to the illegal freak show would be an invitation to his own funeral. Get chills with the rest of the series
Quincie's best friend Keiren may be a werewolf, but is he behind the murders in Austin that may prevent her family's vampire-themed restaurant from opening?
Pirates! Vampires! Twins!
Cal carries the parasite that causes humans to be vampires. Can he warn all his ex-girlfriends before they create more? Last Days is the companion novel.