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Article in [[:Category:Young Adult Fiction|Young Adult Fiction]] and [[:Category:Young Adult Nonfiction|Young Adult Nonfiction]]
Article in [[:Category:Young Adult Fiction|Young Adult Fiction]] and [[:Category:Young Adult Nonfiction|Young Adult Nonfiction]]
A printable version of this booklist is available in Word format [http://hera.jmrl.org/pdf_wiki/8-9final13.pdf here]
'''YA Anderson, Laurie Halse ''' [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/X?chains+anderson '''Chains''']
'''YA Anderson, Laurie Halse ''' [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/X?chains+anderson '''Chains''']

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Article in Young Adult Fiction and Young Adult Nonfiction

A printable version of this booklist is available in Word format here

YA Anderson, Laurie Halse Chains

In Revolutionary War-era New York, Isabel and her sister Ruth are slaves whose owners are loyal to Great Britain, and Isabel is promised freedom by some Patriots if she will spy on her owners. The story continues in Forge

YA Barnaby, Hanna Wonder Show

In the 1930's, Portia lives in a home for "wayward girls" after being abandoned by her father, and following a friend's suicide, she runs away and joins the circus, finding kinship with a colorful cast of characters.

YA 363.41 Blumenthal, Karen Bootleg: Murder, Moonshine, and the Lawless Years of Prohibition

Back in the 1920's the government tried to improve conditions in society by outlawing the production ahnd sale of alcohol. Read about the results and consequences of this "social experiment."

YA Carter, Ally I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You

As a sophomore at a secret spy school and the daughter of a former CIA operative, Cammie is sheltered from the "normal teenage life" until she meets a local boy while on a class surveillance mission. The first in the Gallagher Girls series.

YA Carroll, Michael Awakening

Ten years after the disappearance of superhumans -- both heroes and villains -- 13-year-olds Danny and Colin begin to develop super powers, making them the object of much unwanted attention. The first in the Quantum Prophecy series.

YA Cashore, Kristen Graceling

In a world where certain individuals have unique talents, or Graces, Katsa struggles to overcome her killing Grace by joining another fighter to free their world from corruption. Companion novels: Fire and Bitterblue

YA/YA PB Condie, Ally Matched

Cassia has always been satisfied with the choices the Society has made for her, including the match she's been given for her husband. But when a computer error shows a different match on the screen, Cassia begins to wonder if things are quite as perfect as they seem. The story continues in Crossed and Reached.

YA Coben, Harlan Shelter

Mickey Bolitar is adjusting to life at his uncle's house along with a new school when his new girlfriend suddenly vanishes, and Mickey's search takes him to some dangerous places and puts him contact with a myserious recluse who supposedly has information about his dead father. The story continues in Seconds Away

YA Dasher, James The Maze Runner

Sixteen-year-old Thomas wakes up with no memory in the mniddle of a maze and realizes he must work with the community in which he finds himself if he is to escape. The first in the Maze Runner series.

YA/YA PB Draper, Sharon Tears of a Tiger

Andy is unable to overcome the guilt and grief he feels when a good friend is killed in a car accident while Andy is driving.

YA/YA PB Farmer, Nancy The House of the Scorpion

Matt, a favored clone of a drug lord who rules over an opium empire and has lived for 140 years through transplants from his clones, struggles to change his fate and ultimately correct the wrongs done in the past.

YA Haines, Lise Girl in the Arena

In this alternate-reality book set in the present day, gladiator sports are as popular as football. Lyn is devastated when her latest glad-father is killed in the arena, and then horrified when the victor picks up her dowry bracelet, which means she'll have to marry him -- but Lyn isn't about to go without a fight.

YA Johnson, Maureen The Name of the Star

American teenager Rory is at boarding school in London when a series of murders mirroring the Jack the Ripper killings takes place, and during the efforts to locate the killer, she discovers she can see people others can't. The story continues in The Madness Underneath.

YA Lockhart, E The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks

Frankie is a popular student at boarding school but, tired of being underestimated by the males in her life, decides to infiltrate the all-male society that her boyfriend belongs to, hoping to prove her abilities and gain their approval.

YA Lyga, Barry Mangaman

Ryoko Kiyama, a character from a Jpaanese comic book, or manga, falls through a rip into the real world -- the western world --and tries to survive as the ultimate outsider at a typical American high school.

YA PB Muchamore, Robert The Recruit

Recently orphaned, James' math skills get him into CHERUB, an agency of adolescent spies, and a grueling tgraining program is the prelude to some dangerous and adventurous spy missions. The first in the Cherub series.

YA Ness, Patrick A Monster Calls

Thirteen-year-old Conor awakens one night to find a monster outside his bedroom window, but not the one from the recurring nightmare that began when his mother became ill -- an ancient, wild creature that wants him to face truth and loss.

YA Ostlere, Cathy Karma

Written in verse, this story swseeps you away to 1984 India where 15-year-old Maya and her Sikh father arrive in New Delhi from Canada after a family tragedy. Soon a violent political protest separates the two. As she journeys through India, Maya must learn about trust, first love, survival, and her own unique heritage.

YA Pfeffer, Susan Beth Life As We Knew It

When a meteor hits the moon and causes major upheavals on earth, Miranda and her family are forced to struggle to survive all the changes. The Dead and the Gone and The World We Live In follow.

YA Riggs, Ransom Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

After the brutal death of his grandfather, Jacob travels to a remote island to locate the orphange where his grandfather lived to escape Nazi persecution in World War II ... and discovers a group of very unusual children from his grandfather's stories.

YA Stiefvater, Maggie The Scorpio Races

When Puck Connolly enters the Scorpio Races, the annual races where men race man-eating water horses,her chances look slim until the favored contender Sean Kendrick helps her out. But will he risk his own chances to win by doing so?

YA PB Westerfeld, Scott Uglies

In Tally's world, everyone becomes pretty on their 18th birthday through an operation, but when she meets a group of renegades who challenge her beliefs about the operation, she faces a critical choice for her future. The story continues in Pretties, Specials, and Extras.

YA Zarr, Sara How to Save a Life

Jill, grieving over her father's death, and Mandy, who is expecting a baby, find their lives intertwined when Jill's mother suddenly decides to adopt Mandy's unborn child.

YA Zevin, Gabrielle All These Things I've Done

Set in a futuristic New York City where chocolate and caffeine are illegal, 16-year-old Anya, heir to the city's most prominent mob family, falls dangerously in love with Win, son of the state's new district attorney, hired to eradicate crime. The first in the Birthright series.