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Article in Juvenile Fiction

A printable version of this booklist is available in Word format here

Notable New Titles

JP Cocca-Leffler, Maryann Time to Say Bye-Bye

A toddler has a day full of simple pleasures with Grandma and then it's time to say bye-bye.

JP Fleming, Denise Underground

Take a look at things underground.

JP George, Lindsay Barrett Maggie's Ball

When Maggie the dog sees her beloved ball bounce away she runs through her town to find it.

JP Hudson, Cheryl Hands Can

Wonderful photos show young children using their hands.

JP Konagaya, Kiyomi Beach Feet

A boy at the beach feels the heat of the sand and runs toward the ocean.

JP Murray, Alison One, Two, That's My Shoe!

A dog plays keep-away with a girl's red shoe in this counting story.

JP Schaefer, Lola One Special Day

Spencer is wild as a tiger and loud as an elephant, but on the day his new baby sibling arrives, he's also quiet and gentle.

Old Favorites

Most of these authors have written other wonderful books.

JP Adler, Victoria All of Baby: Nose to Toes

This book celebrates babies.

JP Aliki Push Button

A boy who loves pushing buttons of all kinds ends up with such a sore finger that he must play with other things.

JP Allen, Jonathan Little Rabbit Who Liked to Say Moo

Little Rabbit inspires other animals to try different sounds.

JP Ashman, Linda Babies on the Go

See how different animals carry their babies.

J 398.2 Barton, Byron The Three Bears

Bright illustrations accompany this telling of the old tale.

JP Bauer, Marion The Very Best Daddy of All

Pictures and rhyming text show fathers with their children.

JP Bunting, Eve Hurry! Hurry!

All the animals hurry to greet their newest member who is just hatching out.

JP Chodos-Irvine, Margaret Ella Sarah Gets Dressed

Ella Sarah persists in wearing the unusual outfit of her own choosing.

JP Cimarusti, Marie Peek-A-Moo!

Play peek-a-boo with various animals.

JP Cousins, Lucy Maisy Drives the Bus

Maisy is driving the bus!

JP Craig, Lindsay Dancing Feet

See what animals are dancing to the tippity beat.

JP 782.42 Crews, Nina Neighborhood Sing-Along

Wonderful photography depicts diverse children in an urban neighborhood.

JP Cronin, Doreen Click Clack Quackity-Quack

Animals gather for a picnic in this alphabet book.

JP Davis, Katie Little Chicken's Big Day

Mama wants little chicken to stay close to her.

JP Desimini, Lisa Dot the Fire Dog

Dot the dalmation lives at the fire house.

JP Dunrea, Oliver Gossie

Gossie the gosling can't find the bright red boots she loves to wear.

JP Fitzpatrick, Marie-Louise Silly Baby

There is a new baby in Beth's family, and she thinks he is a very silly baby.

JP Fox, Mem Hello Baby!

A baby encounters a variety of young animals.

JP Fox, Mem Two Little Monkeys

Two little monkeys are hiding from a loeopard.

JP Garcia, Emma Tip Tip Dig Dig

Take a look at some construction vehicles.

JP Gay, Marie-Louise Good Morning Sam

Sam takes a roundabout way to getting dressed in the morning.

JP Gravett, Emily Dogs

With so many different kinds of dogs, how can you choose the one you'd like?

JP Hamilton, Kersten Red Truck

Red Truck the tow truck saves the day when it rescues a stuck school bus.

JP Hilb, Nora Wiggle Giggle Tickle Train

Children are having a day of play.

JP Isadora, Rachel Peekaboo Morning

A toddler plays peek-a-boo throughout the day.

JP Kopper, Lisa Daisy Knows Best

Everyone needs a bath after Daisy the dog shows the baby what to do.

JP Kutner, Merrily Down on the Farm

What are the animals saying down on the farm?

JP London, Jonathan My Big Rig

A boy imagines what it would be like to drive a big rig across the country.

JP Macken, JoAnn Baby Says "Moo"

Baby sees many animals while out with her family.

JP McQuinn, Anna Lola Reads to Leo

Lola reads story books to her new baby brother.

JP Mayo, Margaret Dig Dig Digging

Simple rhymes describe various vehicles and the work they do.

JP Milgrim, David Time to Get Up, Time to Go

From morning until night, a young boy stays busy by playing, doing chores, and eating.

JBB Miller, Margaret Baby Faces

Photographs show different expressions on babies' faces.

JP Newbery, Linda Posy

Posy the kitten has lots of adventures.

JP Nichols, Grace Whoa, Baby Whoa!

Keeper, a dog, tells his story of adventures with various human owners.

JP Ormerod, Jan Miss Mouse's Day

Miss Mouse's day is described.

JP 398.2 Pat-a-Cake Pat-A-Cake and Other Play Rhymes

Have fun with this collection of action rhymes.

JP Patricelli, Leslie Higher! Higher!

It's fun to swing higher and higher.

JE Perkins, Al Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb

Monkeys are drumming on drums!.

JP Polacco, Patricia Mommies Say Shhh!

Animals' mommies quiet them down.

JP Rice, Eve Sam Who Never Forgets

Sam the zookeeper never forgets to feed the animals.

JP Rockwell, Anne Good Morning, Digger

Digger and friends each do their part to build a community center.

JP Rong, Yu A Lovely Day for Amelia Goose

Amelia Goose has a good day playing in the pond with frog.

JP Root, Phyllis Flip, Flap, Fly

Baby animals, flap, wiggle and splash their way through the forest.

JP Rueda, Claudia No

Little Bear loves to say "No!" but when a blinding snowstorm comes, he realizes his mother is right.

JP Shea, Bob Dinosaur vs. the Potty

Dinosaur denies using the potty. Now can he make it in time?

JP Smee, Nicola Clip-Clop

When Mr. Horse gives a ride Cat, Dog, Pig and Duck, they urge him fast.

JP Stein, David Ezra Pouch!

A baby kangaroo takes his first tentative steps outside of his mama's pouch.

JP Suen, Anastasia Red Light, Green Light

A young boy creates an imaginary world filled with vehicles.

JP Sutton, Sally Roadwork

Busy people and big machines are working on the road.

JBB Symes, Sally Yawn

AFter Sean yawns, the yawn is passed along to a series of animals.

JP Thompson, Laureen Wee Little Bunny

A young rabbit plays in a meadow.

JP Uff, Caroline Happy Birthday, Lulu!

Lulu is having a birthday!

JP Walton, Rick Baby's First Year

The milestones of baby's first year are celebrated.

JP Walsh, Ellen Mouse Paint

Mice climb into jars of paint and mix colors.

JP Wild, Margaret Itsy-Bitsy Babies

A multicultural cast of babies and toddlers are engaged in everyday activities.

JP Zimmerman, Andrea Dig!

Mr. Rally and his dog Lightning travel on a big yellow digging machine.