Book Bugs Book Group:for grades 4 & 5 (Northside Library)

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The Book Bugs is a book group for grades 4 and 5. We meet in order to discuss the book, snack, play book trivia and sometimes we even incorporate a craft related to the theme of the book. It lasts for 45 minutes to an hour and is a lot of fun!

Book Bugs Books:

The Westing Game: the kids loved this book

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The craft was candy making and the kids had a really great time with it

Millicent Min, Girl Genius: This was a surprising hit. The kids thought it was hilarious and it was actually one of their favorite books of the ones we read.

Bud, Not Buddy: This was another hit. Kids liked the story and the craft was very popular (we made memory boxes to symbolize Bud's suitcase).

Everything on a Waffle: The kids thought it was a funny book and liked the main character, Primrose. The craft was "Everything on a Waffle" and some kids were adventurous and tried every candy available on their waffles. Other kids were grossed out.