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This is a great book! An odd assortment of characters are forced to get to know one another when a mysterious millionaire dies, leaving his money to the one who can solve his murder. Turtle, the unlikely heroine of the novel, is fantastic and it is interesting to see the changes in each of the characters.

Sweet, soft-spoken Charlie wants desperately to tour Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. He gets his wish when he finds a golden ticket! What will happen at the chocolate factory?

Millicent Min has never had a real friend. People either use her or want nothing to do with her when they find out that she is a certified genius. This summer could be different. Her mother has made her join the volleyball team and a new girl named Emily seems genuinely interested in being Millicent's friend. Will this remain true when she learns Millicent is a genius? Told in journal entries in the voice of Millicent, this is a highly entertaining read.

Set in Michigan during the Great Depression, young Bud is a likable character with his share of difficulties. After escaping his awful foster family, Bud decides to search for the man he believes is his real father and hopefully find a home.

Primrose's parents have been lost at sea and Primrose is the only person in town who seems to think that they will return. Follow her on her adventures as she learns about life in unexpected ways. Recipes are included throughout the book.