African-American Authors (Young Adult Fiction)

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In this book in verse, 12 year old Keith leaves Brooklyn after his dad's death and has to deals with racism with the music of Jimi Hendrix.

Tyrell doesn't want to end up like his dad in prison. But how else is he going to get some money to impress the girls when he lives in homeless shelter?

Kenny and his family's funny road-trip from Flint, Michigan to Birmingham, Alabama turns serious when they face tragedy at Grandma's church.

Jason the jock and Kyra the brain fall for each other after they are paired for a school project. Will Jason's jealous ex break them apart?

Jericho is psyched to be pledging the Warriors of Distinction, the coolest club in high school. Can he stand up when the pledging pushes his Dana too far? The story continues with November Blues.

Poet Nikki Grimes gives us the parallel stories of Ishmael, son of Abraham and Sam, a teen in New York and their similar father-issues.

After being homeless, all Raspberry can think of are schemes to make money. She's worried, though, that that won't fix what's really wrong with her life. Read more about her struggles with her dad in Begging for Change.

Sixteen year old Bobby was living it up in New York until he and his girlfriend Nia realize they are going to be parents. Will they keep the baby or give it up for adoption?

Cameron is the only white girl living in her projects. Or is she? Her mother's revelation makes her question her identity.