Wireless Internet Access:

  • What do I need for Wireless Internet Access?
    You need a laptop, notebook, phone, tablet, etc. with a wireless network interface (NIC) card.
  • Who can use Wireless Access at JMRL? Do I need a library card?
    A JMRL library card is not required. Anyone who complies with the Library's Computer and Internet Access Policy (PDF)  may use JMRL's Wireless Access service.
  • How do I get connected?
    If your device doesn't establish a connection automatically, look for available networks and select JMRL-Ting or a JMRL Public WiFi network. If you are not prompted immediately to accept JMRL's Computer and Internet Access Policy, open a web browser and direct it to www.jmrl.org. Once you have accepted JMRL's policy, you are granted access to JMRL's guest wireless.
  • Does the Library provide laptops or any other wireless devices?
    Yes, the library circulates wireless hotspots that can be checked out at any location. Patrons must submit a signed Hotspot User Agreement form before checking out a hotspot. Each branch also checks out Chromebooks that may be used in the library.
  • If I need help setting up my wireless access or have problems using wifi in the library, can the library staff help me?
    Library staff will assist you in configuring your wifi connection or attempt to troubleshoot any problems you encounter while using the wifi in the library. For your protection staff are not allowed to touch your laptop or device in order to help you, but will do whatever else they can.
  • Is the information on my laptop safe while I am connected?
    Wireless transmissions by their nature can be intercepted very easily. Utilizing virus protection, a personal firewall, and other measures to protect the information on your device is highly recommended and is the sole responsibility of the user. The Library is not responsible for any loss of information or damage to your device that might result from using JMRL's wireless network or other facilities in the library.
  • Where can I use Wireless Access?
    Wireless Access is offered in all JMRL branches.