Internet Services

Jefferson-Madison Regional Library provides computers and Internet access in support of the internet library’s mission to provide services emphasizing general information and information literacy. The library’s Internet access is intended primarily as an informational and educational resource.

As the Internet is a global electronic network and there is no single government body that controls its users or content, Jefferson-Madison Regional Library cannot control either the availability or accuracy of information links that change rapidly and unpredictably.  Since not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete or current information, Internet users are responsible for critically evaluating the validity of information.

Jefferson-Madison Regional Library cannot guarantee computer viewing privacy, nor can the library guarantee the privacy of information sent or received over the Internet.  However, library staff will take practical steps to minimize the inadvertent viewing of computer sessions by others.  Library staff is authorized to monitor computer use as needed to determine compliance with library policies.

Library staff is not in a position to supervise juveniles’ use of the Internet (see Policy Section 4.234).  As with other library materials, restriction of a juvenile’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. In compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), Jefferson-Madison Regional Library provides Internet workstations equipped with filtering/blocking technology.   However, the library recognizes that filtering/blocking technology is not a completely reliable means of protection from materials that may be offensive, controversial or illegal.  To help Internet users find useful information while avoiding unwanted information, library staff will provide Internet instruction.  The Jefferson-Madison Regional Library website will include links to other websites selected by library staff on the basis of their informational or educational value in compliance with the library’s’ Material Selection Policy.

All adults (17 years old and older based on library card registration) seeking unfiltered Internet access for their own use may temporarily disble filtering for each session. Adults may not share unfiltered computers with minors (under 17 years old). Library staff will not disable filtering/blocking technology on computers located in children's or young adult areas of the library. The Library will consider formal requests to block or unblock specific websites with procedures similar to those for consideration or reconsideration of print materials. Computer logs maintained by the filtering software will be deleted when no longer administratively useful.

Where computer sign-in is required, computer users must sign in using his/her valid JMRL library card (Library Card Eligibility - JMRL Policy Section 4.221).  Use of another person's library card is not permitted.  Visitors and/or persons who, for whatever reason, are not eligible for a library card may request a guest pass or a temporary Computer Access Only cards.  Unless otherwise posted, computer sessions are limited to 30 minutes when others are waiting.  During busy times, staff may require half-hour intervals between sessions by the same computer user. Printing of computer materials will be charged in accordance with the Printing and Copying Policy, Section 4.33.  Because the library provides Internet access as an informational and educational resource, the library provides only limited staff support for e-mail and audio-visuals, and no staff support for chat and games.  To limit noise and crowding no more than 2 users may use a computer workstation at one time without the approval of library staff.  Adults may not share unfiltered computers with minors  (under 17 years old). Users may use only one computer at the same time.  Users may not install their own software or save files on library computers. Users may not connect their own equipment to library computers with the exception of headphones or USB storage devices.

The library reserves the right to terminate a computer session should computer use result in disruption of library service.  No library computer terminal shall be used to access or distribute illegal materials.  Any illegal activity involving the Internet and/or library computers shall result in suspension or loss of library privileges. (Code of Virginia, Section 42.1-36.1).  Computer users, using Jefferson-Madison Regional Library’s facilities, shall agree to and abide by this policy.  Computer users shall agree to hold harmless the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library for any liability or damage claim arising from any use or misuse of Internet access, library computers, or any storage devices used with library equipment.

Staff using library computers are responsible for using resources in an efficient, ethical, and lawful manner.  Library e-mail accounts are considered to be the property of the Library.  At any time, e-mail messages may be accessed for the Freedom of Information Act, criminal investigations, or for good business practices the Library may implement.  E-mail should be primarily used for Library business, and only incidental personal use. (City of Charlottesville).

JMRL Policy Section 4.7 adopted by the JMRL Board September 27, 1999; revised 4/24/06;
revised 1/24/10