JMRL's Five Year Plan: July 2019 - June 2024

The Jefferson-Madison Regional Library and the Library Board of Trustees have begun the development process for the library's next Five-Year Plan. The library will use the upcoming Five-Year Plan to continue its mission.

Mission statement: Jefferson-Madison Regional Library enhances the quality of life by providing equal access to information. The Regional Library serves all ages, promotes reading, serves as a life-long educational resource, and supports democracy by fostering the free exchange of ideas.

The Process

JMRL Five-Year Plan 2019-2024 Process

  1. Discovery: JMRL will expand its Five-Year Plan Committee, create the overall framework for the new plan, and develop surveys to gain input from the community.
  2. Engagement: JMRL will reach out to the public for input through various surveys, open houses, and peer ambassadors, to gain insight into the community's future needs.
  3. Development: JMRL will analyze the data collected during the engagement phase and the committee will begin developing a draft for the next Five-Year Plan.
  4. Implementation: The draft of the new plan will be presented to the library Board of Trustees for discussion. Once the board adopts the plan, it will be implemented.
    • Implementation, April 2019 - 2024: After the entire Library Board of Trustees has seen and discussed the Five-Year Plan draft, the adoption of the plan will be put to a vote at the June 2019 meeting. From then on the library will implement the Five-Year Plan and carry out its objectives according to the schedule laid out in the plan. The plan will be available to read on the library's website.

Get Involved

Support the Library

  • BUY A BOOK: There are a few different options if you'd like to contribute to the library's collection. Click here for more information.
  • JEFFERSON-MADISON REGIONAL LIBRARY ENDOWMENT FUND: To encourage private support, the Friends of JMRL created an Endowment Fund as a separate funding mechanism to address library needs and support special programs. Endowment distributions do not relieve local governments of their responsibility for basic funding, but provide an ongoing source of additional money for services that reach beyond minimum standards. To make a gift now, receive more information, or discuss your interest in the Endowment Fund, please print out and return the donation form to any JMRL branch or donate online. Contact if you are interested in donating to a specific Friends endowment fund.
  • VOLUNTEER AT THE LIBRARY: Click here to find out how, and to see a list of currently open volunteer opportunities.
  • FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY Join the Friends of the Library and find out about the many ways they help JMRL. The Friends accept donations of used books which go to their very successful biannual book sales. Revenue from the book sales are then used for JMRL programming. JMRL Book Donation Guidelines.