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Communities depend on people who will share their skills with an organization because they care about their community. Volunteering your time and talents is a powerful way to help influence the service of the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library.

See below for descriptions of some of the volunteer opportunities available in the branch libraries, then fill out the form on the right. Please read carefully and if you have any questions call the Volunteer Coordinator, Heather Pehnec at 979-7151 ext 4 or email Volunteer Coordinator .

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer.

Volunteer Opportunities


Adult and Reference Services department, volunteers are needed to help organize and maintain the book and periodical collections by shelving newspapers and magazines and arranging books on the sorting shelves. Laminating flyers, copying materials, translating library handouts, and working with statistics are other duties, along with helping to keep shelves orderly and clean. Special event volunteers help with set-up and take-down for special events, and directing patrons to events. Volunteers are also needed to help maintain the two small gardens.

Children's department, volunteers help with toddler and pre-school storyhours during the school year.

Collection Management:

Repair and recover books: JMRL has an endless inventory of books needing attention. Volunteer, Melissa Dickens, can train you to do this important job.


 The Crozet Library maintains a group of adult volunteers who assist with the shelving and maintenance of the collection.

Shelving Volunteers alphabetize, sort and shelve library materials, assisting with the availability of the collection. Volunteers straighten materials on shelves and check for correct placement of the collection. While shelving, volunteers survey the condition of items, noting materials that may be in need of repair or replacement.

Book Repair Volunteers mend hurt books so that they may circulate again. Training and supplies are provided. Typical tasks include: re-covering books, repairing broken spines, mending book jackets, and re-attaching loose pages. Because this work requires a training period, interested volunteers need to make a long-term commitment.


Volunteers "Adopt a Shelf" by pledging to visit the library once or twice a month to help maintain a specific section of shelving. This involves placing items in order, checking for items needing repair, and providing general maintenance. Volunteers also help maintain the garden areas, and - with special training - repair books. Volunteers can also help with special events and projects.


Book Cleaners: Volunteers clean the covers of juvenile books.

Book Repair: Volunteers cover paperback books with a special laminate paper to help preserve them.

Dusters: Volunteers dust the book shelves in the library on a regular basis, and provide assistance with other cleaning or straightening projects.

Film Series Volunteer: Set up the chairs and help with set up of refreshments for the film series on the second Friday evening of the month, at 6 p.m. And/Or help with taking down the set up and refreshments, and clean up after the Friday film series.

Gardeners: Supervised by master gardeners, volunteers assist in weeding, pruning, fertilizing, and planting to keep the grounds outside of the Library building in good shape. Work may be solitary or as part of a work party.

Shelvers: Volunteers shelve in all areas of the collection daily.


Volunteers are trained to shelve books.


Volunteers: Shelve books and straighten shelves. Clean, recover and repair books.


Volunteers  are needed year-round to help  with book repair and "Books Sandwiched In" programs.

Book repair volunteers mend hurt books so that they may circulate again. Training and supplies are provided. Typical tasks include: re-covering books, repairing broken spines, mending book jackets, and re-attaching loose pages. The book repair volunteers meet at Northside and work together as a group. Because this work requires training, interested volunteers need to make a long-term commitment.

"Books Sandwiched In" volunteers plan the book review program which is held on the 3rd Friday of the month at Northside, from September through May. The committee meets to review prospective books and to make final selections. Individual committee members find and schedule members of the community to present the review. On the day of the program, committee members set up the room, prepare refreshments, introduce the speaker, and host the event. Volunteers with an interest in currently-published books, a knowledge of the community, and a willingness to make contacts with potential speakers would be especially helpful.


Volunteer tasks include::
Sharpen pencils; Sort routing slips; Fold flyers and brochures; Empty book drop; Straighten book browser; Sort carts into fiction and non-fiction; Clean books; Dust, clean glass doors and windows in entry.

Straighten shelves; Alphabetize books on carts; Shelve fiction, audio and video materials; Pull old magazines & remove barcodes; Pull old books (from New Books shelf) & remove stickers; Remove barcodes from deleted items and stamp withdrawn.

Sort non-fiction books on carts; Shelve fiction & non-fiction books; Retrieve items on the paging list; Assist with weeding; File marked material in the History file; Mend books.

Pick up trash; Wash windows & screens; Paint windowsills and doors; Remove grass from sidewalk & weed; Sweep parking areas and sidewalks; Rake leaves; mulch; water; Shovel snow & apply salt or sand.

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