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Database Spotlight

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This is part of a series highlighting databases available through the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library website.

Libraries are not just "books" anymore. Though there are wonderful collections in the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library, we also subscribe to many online databases. Databases are an online resource containing thousands of newspaper and magazine articles in addition to biographical and medical information, genealogical sources, encyclopedia articles, and general reference materials that cover a wide variety of subjects and provide reliable information. The library subscribes to databases in 12 different subject categories. There are even specific databases for children and teens to help them with their homework. Most of the information retrieved is in full text articles. And the good news is that the databases are available 24/7 from home, school or work. All you need is a library card to gain remote access. However there are a few databases that can only be accessed in the library.

Readers' advisory at its best. Use Fiction Connection to locate fiction suggestions based on a title that you already enjoy. Or, take advantage of the broad category search featuring topic, genre, setting, character, location, and timeframe. If you find a book you like, and click the "find similar" button to the right of the title, you get a list of suggestions, and then you can narrow down your search by any of the book's characteristics - either the check boxes that appear on the left nav bar or the groupings on the right. These characteristics go beyond the usual, using non-jargon language.

Some suggested ways of searching:

  • Topic: adoption, family relationships, secrets, falling in love, animals, small town life
  • Genre: mystery, suspense, fiction, historical, biography, western
  • Character: divorced, married, ambitious, grandmother, successful, Native American
  • Location: New England, Europe, Asia, Brazil, Paris, South (US)
  • Setting: apartment building, College/University, family reunion, hometown, library
  • Timeframe : 20th-21st century, Civil War era, Medieval period, Roman Empire

If you need help using this database, please call the Reference Desk at the Central Library (979-7151 x4)

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