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*'''J 372.5 Milord''', Susan. [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?hands+around+the+world '''Hands Around the World'''] *'''J 372.5 Milord''', Susan. [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?hands+around+the+world '''Hands Around the World''']
-JP 381.1 Lewin, Ted. HOW MUCH: VISITING MARKETS AROUND THE WORLD.This book captures the excitement and unexpected beauty of marketplaces on four continents.+*'''JP 381.1 Lewin''', Ted. [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?how+much+visiting+markets+around+the+world '''How Much: Visiting Markets Around the World''']
-J 392 Bernhard, Emery. A RIDE ON MOTHER'S BACK. Explores the ways in which people from a variety of cultures carry their young ones, and describes what children see and learn as they are carried.+*'''J 392 Bernhard''', Emery. [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?ride+on+mother's+back '''A Ride on Mother's Back''']
-J 394.26 Reynolds, Jan. CELEBRATE! CONNECTIONS AMONG CULTURES. Photo-essay that explores the similarities among celebration rituals in several indigenous cultures around the world and compares them with celebrations in the United States..+*'''J 394.26 Reynolds''', Jan. [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?celebrate+connections+among+cultures '''Celebrate: Connections Among Cultures''']
-J 394.26 Kindersley, Annabel. CELEBRATIONS1. A calendar of celebrations which describes holidays and festivals of all major religions and cultures from around the world. Includes original photography. +*'''J 394.26 Kindersley''', Annabel. [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/X?celebrations+kindersley '''Celebrations!''']
-J 398.2 Baltuck, Naomi. APPLES FROM HEAVEN: MULTICULTURAL FOLKTALES ABOUT STORIES AND STORYTELLERS. A collection of international folktales about storytellig and the role of stories in transmitting information, history, and values.+*'''J 398.2 Baltuck''', Naomi. [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?apples+from+heaven '''Apples From Heaven: Multicultural Folktales About Stories and Storytellers''']
-J 398.2 Milord, Susan. TALES ALIVE! TEN MULTICULTURAL FOLKTALES WITH ACTIVITIES. +*'''J 398.2 Milord''', Susan. [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?tales+alive+ten+multicultural '''Tales Alive: Ten Multicultural Folktales with Activities''']
-JP Parenting Collection 398.2 Sierra, Judy. MULTICULTURAL FOLKTALES: STORIES TO TELL YOUNG CHILDREN.+*'''JP Parenting Collection 398.2 Sierra''', Judy. [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?Multicultural+folktales+stories+to+tell+young+children '''Multicultural Folktales: Stories to Tell Young Children''']
-J 641.3 Hollyer, Beatrice. LET'S EAT: WHAT CHILDREN EAT AROUND THE WORLD. +*'''J 641.3 Hollyer''', Beatrice. [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?let's+eat+what+children+eat+around+the+world '''Let's Eat: What Children Eat Around the World''']
-J 641.568 Wolfe, Robert L. and Diane.. HOLIDAY COOKING AROUND THE WORLD. A collection of holiday recipes from fifteen different countries including a variety of dishes such as Thai Egg Rolls, Passover Layer Cake, Paella, and Danish Rice Pudding.+*'''J 641.568 Wolfe''', Robert L. and Diane. [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?holiday+cooking+around+the+world '''Holiday Cooking Around the World''']
-JP 700 Ajmera, Maya. TO BE AN ARTIST. An introduction to using various art forms to express creativity depicted with children around the globe.+*'''JP 700 Ajmera''', Maya. [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?to+be+an+artist '''To Be An Artist''']
-J 759.13 Honoring. HONORING OUR ANCESTORS: STORIES AND PICTURES BY FOURTEEN ARTISTS. Fourteen artists and picture book illustrators present paintings with descriptions of ancestors or other sources of inspiration that have inspired them.+*'''J 759.13 Honoring'''. [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?honoring+our+ancestors+stories+and+pictures '''Honoring Our Ancestors: Stories and Pictures by Fourteen Artists''']
-J 811.54 Greenfield, Eloise. NIGHT ON NEIGHBORHOOD STREET. A postiive view of a neighborhood in the city is presented through a child's eyes.+*'''J 811.54 Greenfield''', Eloise. [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?night+on+neighborhood+street '''Night on Neighborhood Street''']
-J 811.54 Hoberman, Mary Ann. FATHERS, MOTHERS, SISTERS, BROTHERS. A collection of poems which celebrate the diversity of American families.+*'''J 811.54 Hoberman''', Mary Ann. [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?Fathers+Mothers+Sisters+Brothers '''Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers''']
-J 811.54. BEIN' WITH YOU THIS WAY. A celebration of the things that make us all alike and those that make us different.+*'''J 811.54. BEIN''' [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?bein+with+you+this+way '''Bein' With You This Way''']
*'''J 910 Delafosse''', Claude. [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?atlas+of+people '''Atlas of People'''] *'''J 910 Delafosse''', Claude. [http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?atlas+of+people '''Atlas of People''']

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