Scary Stories for Older J Readers

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A flash of lightening brings the statue of Belladonna to life. As 12-year-old Poppy and her friend Emma watch in terror, Belladonna gathers a stone army from gardens and churches. Can they stop Belladonna and her army?

Horace, a photographer's apprentice, doubts the existence of ghosts until mysterious happenings begin taking place all around his world.

Learn all about ghost sightings in the United States, including those of famous ghosts such as Abraham Lincoln and Elvis Presley.

Good for older J readers ready for younger YA, this book is about what happens when Coraline steps through a door and into another house very similar to her own but not one where she wants to stay.

Two siblings spending the summer at their grandmother's inn in Vermont cannot resist the urge to "haunt" the place. However, their ghostly pranks go awry when they awaken a dark spirit. Now they must uncover the secret of the inn before it is too late.

Winner of the 1993 Coretta Scott King Award, this book contains stories meant to be shared during the "dark thirty" or the half hour before sunset.

A collection of poems to haunt your nights.

A boy obsessed with horror films dreams of transforming himself into "The Boy of a Thousand Faces."