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==BG Stinchfield (Scottsville)== ==BG Stinchfield (Scottsville)==
-*[http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?SEARCH=hunger+games '''The Hunger Games'''] by Suzanne Collins+*[http://aries.jmrl.org/search/t?SEARCH=hunger+games '''The Hunger Games'''] by Suzanne Collins (and see some [[Hunger Games Read-Alikes|Readalikes]])
- +
==Allie Walsh(Crozet)== ==Allie Walsh(Crozet)==

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Article in Young Adult Fiction

Librarians love to talk books! Here are Young Adult titles that we recommend to each other:


Joanne Bricker (Gordon Ave)

Tim Carrier (Central)

Michelle Ehrich (Greene County)

Sarah Hamfeldt(Northside)

Benji Martin (Gordon Ave)

Jacqueline Rice (Central)

Susy Scerbo(Scottsville)

BG Stinchfield (Scottsville)

Allie Walsh(Crozet)

Glynis Welte(Gordon Ave)

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