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-Article in [[:Category:Thrillers]].+Article in [[:Category:Thrillers|Thrillers]], [[:Category:Adult Fiction|Adult Fiction]], and [[:Category:Personal Picks|Personal Picks]].
===Personal Favorites=== ===Personal Favorites===
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*[http://aries.jmrl.org/search/a?Barclay+Linwood '''Linwood Barclay'''] *[http://aries.jmrl.org/search/a?Barclay+Linwood '''Linwood Barclay''']
*[http://aries.jmrl.org/search/a?Box+C.J. '''C.J. Box'''] *[http://aries.jmrl.org/search/a?Box+C.J. '''C.J. Box''']
 +*[http://aries.jmrl.org/search/a?Eisler+Barry '''Barry Eisler''']
 +*[http://aries.jmrl.org/search/a?Rollins+James '''James Rollins''']
 +*[http://aries.jmrl.org/search/a?Koontz+Dean '''Dean Koontz''']
===Political Thrillers=== ===Political Thrillers===
*[http://aries.jmrl.org/search/a?Flynn+Vince '''Vince Flynn'''] *[http://aries.jmrl.org/search/a?Flynn+Vince '''Vince Flynn''']
*[http://aries.jmrl.org/search/a?Haig=Brian '''Brian Haig'''] *[http://aries.jmrl.org/search/a?Haig=Brian '''Brian Haig''']
 +*[http://aries.jmrl.org/search/a?Bell=Ted '''Ted Bell''']
 +*[http://aries.jmrl.org/search/a?Boyd=Noah '''Noah Boyd''']
===Military Thrillers=== ===Military Thrillers===
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*[http://aries.jmrl.org/search/a?Coonts+Stephen '''Stephen Coonts'''] *[http://aries.jmrl.org/search/a?Coonts+Stephen '''Stephen Coonts''']
[[Category:Thrillers]] [[Category:Thrillers]]
 +[[Category:Personal Picks]]
 +[[Category:Adult Fiction]]

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Article in Thrillers, Adult Fiction, and Personal Picks.

Personal Favorites

Harlan Coben's first series character is Myron Bolitar. He is a sports agent who ends up solving mysteries in order to help his clients. Myron has a great wit that will make you laugh. Coben's newer books are stand alone titles. They are edge of your seat, intense thrillers that make you wonder what you would do.
Lee Child's Jack Reacher character is an ex- military man who hitchhikes throughout the United States with only a toothbrush and an a.t.m. card. Along the way he meets a lot of interesting people, who of course need help in some way or another. He is a fearless, strong hero who dispenses justice.There is a scene in one of the books where he is surrounded by six men holding pipes and wrenches ready to attack him, he tells them that he will give them one chance to put their weapons down and walk away. They laugh and within two minutes the bad guys are on the floor bleeding and broken.

Political Thrillers

Military Thrillers

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