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Article in [[:Category:Adult Fiction|Adult Fiction]] and [[:Category:African American|African American]] categories. Article in [[:Category:Adult Fiction|Adult Fiction]] and [[:Category:African American|African American]] categories.
-*[[Jenoyne Adams]]+*[ '''Jenoyne Adams''']
-*[[Rochelle Alers]]+*[ '''Rochelle Alers''']
-*[[Raymond Andrews]]+*[ '''Raymond Andrews''']
-*[[Tina McElroy Ansa]]+*[ '''Tina McElroy Ansa''']
-*[[Doris Jean Austin]]+*[ '''Doris Jean Austin''']
-*[[Lynn Austin]]+*[ '''Lynn Austin''']
-*[[Michael Baisden]]+*[ '''Michael Baisden''']
-*[[James Baldwin]]+*[ '''James Baldwin''']
-*[[Toni Cade Bambara]]+*[ '''Toni Cade Bambara''']
-*[[Steven Barnes]]+*[ '''Steven Barnes''']
-*[[Paul Beatty]]+*[ '''Paul Beatty''']
-*[[Angela Benson]]+*[ '''Angela Benson''']
-*[[Bertice Berry]]+*[ '''Bertice Berry''']
-*[[Eleanor Taylor Bland]]+*[ '''Eleanor Taylor Bland''']
-*[[Arna Wendell Bontemps]]+*[ '''Arna Wendell Bontemps''']
-*[[Michele Andrea Bowen]]+*[ '''Michele Andrea Bowen''']
-*[[David Bradley]]+*[ '''David Bradley''']
-*[[Connie Briscoe]]+*[ '''Connie Briscoe''']
-*[[Gwendolyn Brooks]]+*[ '''Gwendolyn Brooks''']
-*[[Linda Beatrice Brown]]+*[ '''Linda Beatrice Brown''']
-*[[Parry Brown]]+*[ '''Parry Brown''']
-*[[Kalisha Buckhanon]]+*[ '''Kalisha Buckhanon''']
-*[[Anita R. Bunkley]]+*[ '''Anita R. Bunkley''']
-*[[Curtis Bunn]]+*[ '''Curtis Bunn''']
-*[[LeVar Burton]]+*[ '''LeVar Burton''']
-*[[Octavia Butler]]+*[ '''Octavia Butler''']
-*[[Tajuana Butler]]+*[ '''Tajuana Butler''']
-*[[Bebe Moore Campbell]]+*[ '''Bebe Moore Campbell''']
-*[[Jay Cantor]]+*[ '''Jay Cantor''']
-*[[Stephen L. Carter]]+*[ '''Stephen L. Carter''']
-*[[Xam Wilson Cartier]]+*[ '''Xam Wilson Cartier]]
-*[[Lorene Cary]]+*[ '''Lorene Cary''']
-*[[Colin Channer]]+*[ '''Colin Channer''']
-*[[Barbara Chase-Riboud]]+*[ '''Barbara Chase-Riboud''']
-*[[Alice Childress]]+*[ '''Alice Childress''']
-*[[Maxine Clair]]+*[ '''Maxine Clair''']
-*[[Breena Clark]]+*[ '''Breena Clark''']
-*[[Pearl Cleage]]+*[ '''Pearl Cleage''']
-*[[Cyrus Colter]]+*[ '''Cyrus Colter''']
-*[[Maryse Conde]]+*[ '''Maryse Conde''']
-*[[J. California Cooper]]+*[ '''J. California Cooper''']
-*[[Steven Corbin]]+*[ '''Steven Corbin''']
-*[[Francine Craft]]+*[ '''Francine Craft''']
-*[[Meri Nana-Ama Danquah]]+*[ '''Meri Nana-Ama Danquah]]
-*[[Edwidge Danticat]]+*[ '''Edwidge Danticat''']
-*[[Christopher Darden]]+*[ '''Christopher Darden''']
-*[[Julie Dash]]+*[ '''Julie Dash''']
-*[[Michael Datcher]]+*[ '''Michael Datcher''']
-*[[Thulani Davis]]+*[ '''Thulani Davis''']
-*[[Dianne Day]]+*[ '''Dianne Day''']
-*[[Virginia DeBerry]]+*[ '''Virginia DeBerry''']
-*[[Samuel R. Delany]]+*[ '''Samuel R. Delany''']
-*[[William Demby]]+*[ '''William Demby''']
-*[[Eric Jerome Dickey]]+*[ '''Eric Jerome Dickey''']
-*[[Rita Dove]]+*[ '''Rita Dove''']
-*[[Sharon Draper]]+*[ '''Sharon Draper''']
-*[[Tananarive Due]]+*[ '''Tananarive Due''']
-*[[Louis Edwards]]+*[ '''Louis Edwards''']
*[[Trey Ellis]] *[[Trey Ellis]]
*[[Ralph Ellison]] *[[Ralph Ellison]]

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Article in Adult Fiction and African American categories.

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