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*[ '''Jay Cantor'''] *[ '''Jay Cantor''']
*[ '''Stephen L. Carter'''] *[ '''Stephen L. Carter''']
-*[ '''Xam Wilson Cartier]]+*[ '''Xam Wilson Cartier''']
*[ '''Lorene Cary'''] *[ '''Lorene Cary''']
*[ '''Colin Channer'''] *[ '''Colin Channer''']
Line 44: Line 44:
*[ '''Steven Corbin'''] *[ '''Steven Corbin''']
*[ '''Francine Craft'''] *[ '''Francine Craft''']
-*[ '''Meri Nana-Ama Danquah]]+*[ '''Meri Nana-Ama Danquah''']
*[ '''Edwidge Danticat'''] *[ '''Edwidge Danticat''']
*[ '''Christopher Darden'''] *[ '''Christopher Darden''']
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*[ '''Lynn Emery'''] *[ '''Lynn Emery''']
*[ '''Percival Everett'''] *[ '''Percival Everett''']
-*[ '''Jessie Redmon Fauset]]+*[ '''Jessie Redmon Fauset''']
*[ '''Lolita Files'''] *[ '''Lolita Files''']
*[ '''Valerie Flournoy'''] *[ '''Valerie Flournoy''']
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*[ '''Nettie Jones'''] *[ '''Nettie Jones''']
*[ '''Solomon Jones'''] *[ '''Solomon Jones''']
-*[[Tayari Jones]]+*[ '''Tayari Jones''']
-*[[John Keene]]+*[ '''John Keene''']
-*[[Norman Kelley]]+*['''Norman Kelley''']
-*[[William Melvin Kelley]]+*[ '''William Melvin Kelley''']
-*[[Erica Kennedy]]+*[ '''Erica Kennedy''']
-*[[John Oliver Killens]]+*[ '''John Oliver Killens''']
-*[[Jamaica Kincaid]]+*[ '''Jamaica Kincaid''']
-*[[Marcia King-Gamble]]+*[ '''Marcia King-Gamble''']
-*[[Sandra Kitt]]+*[ '''Sandra Kitt''']
-*[[Jake Lamar]]+*[ '''Jake Lamar''']
-*[[Evelyn "Slim" Lambright]]+*[ '''Evelyn "Slim" Lambright''']
-*[[Nella Larsen]]+*[ '''Nella Larsen''']
-*[[Lynn Lauber]]+*[ '''Lynn Lauber''']
-*[[Andrea Lee]]+*[ '''Andrea Lee''']
-*[[Helen Elaine Lee]]+*[ '''Helen Elaine Lee''']
-*[[Tanya Lewis Lee]]+*[ '''Tanya Lewis Lee''']
-*[[Julius Lester]]+*[ '''Julius Lester''']
-*[[C. Eric Lincoln]]+*[ '''C. Eric Lincoln''']
-*[[Benilde Little]]+*[ '''Benilde Little''']
-*[[Clarence Major]]+*[ '''Clarence Major''']
-*[[Marcus Major]]+*[ '''Marcus Major''']
-*[[Felicia Mason]]+*[ '''Felicia Mason''']
-*[[Paule Marshall]]+*[ '''Paule Marshall''']
-*[[Susan Carol McCarthy]]+*[ '''Susan Carol McCarthy''']
-*[[Bernice L. McFadden]]+*[ '''Bernice L. McFadden''']
-*[[Victor McGlothin]]+*[ '''Victor McGlothin''']
-*[[Diane McKinney-Whetstone]]+*[ '''Diane McKinney-Whetstone''']
-*[[Rosalyn McMillan]]+*[ '''Rosalyn McMillan''']
-*[[Terry McMillan]]+*[ '''Terry McMillan''']
-*[[James Alan McPherson]]+*['''James Alan McPherson''']
-*[[Louise Meriwether]]+*[ '''Louise Meriwether''']
-*[[Penny Micelbury]]+*[ '''Penny Micelbury''']
-*[[Denene Millner]]+*[ '''Denene Millner''']
-*[[Sharon Mitchell]]+*[ '''Sharon Mitchell''']
-*[[Mary Monroe]]+*[ '''Mary Monroe''']
-*[[Mary Alice Monroe]]+*[ '''Mary Alice Monroe''']
-*[[Marissa Monteilh]]+*[ '''Marissa Monteilh''']
-*[[Stephanie Perry Moore]]+*[ '''Stephanie Perry Moore''']
-*[[Toni Morrison]]+*[ '''Toni Morrison''']
-*[[Walter Mosley]]+*[ '''Walter Mosley''']
-*[[Jess Mowry]]+*[ '''Jess Mowry''']
-*[[Albert Murray]]+*[ '''Albert Murray''']
-*[[J. J. Murray]]+*[ '''J. J. Murray''']
-*[[Victoria Christopher Murray]]+*[ '''Victoria Christopher Murray''']
-*[[Walter Dean Myers]]+*[ '''Walter Dean Myers''']
-*[[Gloria Naylor]]+*[ '''Gloria Naylor''']
-*[[Barbara Neely]]+*[ '''Barbara Neely''']
-*[[Kris Nelscott]]+*[ '''Kris Nelscott''']
-*[[Jill Nelson]]+*[ '''Jill Nelson''']
-*[[Lionel Newton]]+*[ '''Lionel Newton''']
-*[[ZZ Packer]]+*[ '''ZZ Packer''']
-*[[Gwendolyn M.]]+*[ '''Gwendolyn M. Parker''']
-*[[Gordon Parks]]+*[ '''Gordon Parks''']
-*[[Suzan-Lori Parks]]+*[ '''Suzan-Lori Parks''']
-*[[Alexs D. Pate]]+*[ '''Alexs D. Pate''']
-*[[Phyllis Alesia Perry]]+*[ '''Phyllis Alesia Perry''']
-*[[Richard Perry]]+*[ '''Richard Perry''']
-*[[Ann Lane Petry]]+*[ '''Ann Lane Petry''']
-*[[Caryl Phillips]]+*[ '''Caryl Phillips''']
-*[[Darryl Pinckney]]+*[ '''Darryl Pinckney''']
-*[[Connie Rose Porter]]+*[ '''Connie Rose Porter''']
-*[[Jacqueline Powell]]+*[ '''Jacqueline Powell''']
-*[[Alice Randall]]+*[ '''Alice Randall''']
-*[[Nancy Rawles]]+*[ '''Nancy Rawles''']
-*[[Francis Ray]]+*[ '''Francis Ray''']
-*[[Ishmael Reed]]+*[ '''Ishmael Reed''']
-*[[Adrienne Ellis Reeves]]+*[ '''Adrienne Ellis Reeves''']
-*[[Jewell Parker Rhodes]]+*[ '''Jewell Parker Rhodes''']
-*[[Patty Rice]]+*[ '''Patty Rice''']
-*[[Brenda Lane Richardson]]+*[ '''Brenda Lane Richardson''']
-*[[Len Riley]]+*[ '''Len Riley''']
*[[Cheryl Robinson]] *[[Cheryl Robinson]]
*[[Kimberla Lawson Roby]] *[[Kimberla Lawson Roby]]

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