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Crozet Master Plan: from Albemarle County

If you'd like more information, or have suggestions or concerns, please feel free to contact Library Board Representative Jane Kulow.

Crozet Library Monthly Updates from Albemarle County


County Votes to Move Forward with New Crozet Library: Dec 2011

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News from Albemarle County: Nov 2009

Members of the Crozet Library Steering Committee:

I wanted to bring you up to date on circumstances regarding the Crozet Library project. While we had intended to schedule a meeting to discuss final design issues, we have instead been dealing with some very significant reductions in our CIP funding that have caused us to take a serious look at all capital projects. Two years of declining revenues have created a dramatic impact on the amount of money available to transfer into the CIP, requiring even more significant changes to the program than anticipated during last year's budget process. Given this serious situation, there will be discussion with the Board during this afternoon's work session on the Five Year Plan about these circumstances and what is being proposed by the County's Technical Review Team (TRT) to create a balanced plan for the next five years, which is now essentially a maintenance CIP program for 2011 - 2015.

The only projects that are proposed to remain funded by the TRT in its balanced plan include contractually obligated projects and maintenance and repair projects that are considered necessary to protect existing facilities and equipment.

Funding for all new capital projects, including all fire stations, parks, libraries, schools, sidewalks, greenways, recycling, etc. has been proposed for elimination or delayed beyond at least the next five years of the CIP in order to balance the plan. Unfortunately, at this moment in time that includes the Crozet Library.

While we have discussed with you the possible impacts of the continued economic downturn on major capital projects like the library, I know this is a very distressing and disappointing development for the Steering Committee and the Crozet community, and for many other groups with a strong connection to projects in the CIP. We have and will continue to look at every possibility for keeping the library in our CIP in the planned timeframe as we consider it a very critical and valuable initiative, but as I mentioned earlier the TRT has had to delay all projects that are not already under construction in order to propose a balanced plan.

Here is where we are in the process - the proposed recommendations will be presented to the CIP Oversight Committee, where additional review and discussion will occur and the Oversight Committee will create their own recommendations which will be presented to the Board of Supervisors and the School Board at a joint meeting on December 2. That meeting is open to the public and I would encourage you to attend to hear this very important discussion. There are a series of public hearings in March and April at which time citizens are encouraged to comment on both the operating and the capital budgets.

While no final decision has been made, and the public still has several opportunities to weigh in on this issue, I wanted to share this information with you in light of the time, energy and commitment you have invested in the library project to this point. I know this is difficult news to hear, and we certainly understand the disappointment that many in the community will experience as this news becomes public. I will keep you informed as this process moves along, and thank you for your understanding in these challenging times.

Bill Letteri
Office of Facilities Development
County of Albemarle
401 McIntire Road
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901
Ph: 434-872-4501

Albemarle County: Crozet Master Plan

$10,000 donated to new library

Mr. Robert J. Morgan donated $10,000 in memory of his wife, Naomie P. Morgan, to the new Crozet Library Building Fund. Mrs. Morgan loved to read and had a long career teaching elementary school students, including at Crozet Elementary School.

Money Raised for New Library

Friends of Jefferson-Madison Regional Library, known for their gigantic spring book sale, held a special two-day sale, October 28 and 29, 2007 to benefit the new Crozet Library Building Fund. The sale raised $10,829. Funds raised at the book sale will be used to help furnish the new Crozet Library.


You Can Help Us Make a Difference!
Support the Crozet Library Building Fund.



Help build the collection at the new Crozet Library by buying books to add to the Library. You can be "Part of the Story" by helping to make a difference as the new Crozet Library becomes part of the community. Click HERE for the Crozet Library Wish List.

For more information, contact:

Friends of the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library
Crozet Building Fund
1500 Gordon Ave., Charlottesville, Va. 22903
phone: (434-977-8467 | email:
Crozet Library Fundraising Committee
Bill Schrader, Chair
phone: (434)823-8420 | email:


Rural Area Map of Albemarle County (Crozet is Rural Area 3)