This Week at JMRL:

Monday, September 22

9:30 am
Gordon - Mother Goose Time Mondays

10:00 am
Central - Mother Goose Time

10:30 am
Gordon - Reading Rumpus

11:00 am
Central - Romp 'n Stomp Mondays

12:00 pm

1:00 pm
Central - JMRL Board Meeting

6:30 pm
Northside - Banned Books Week Buttons

Tuesday, September 23

9:30 am
Gordon - Mother Goose Time: Tuesdays

10:30 am
Gordon - 2's and 3's Together

7:00 pm
Louisa - Tuesday Evening Book Discussion Group

Wednesday, September 24

10:00 am
Scottsville - Toddler Time

10:15 am
Northside - Two's and Three's Together: Wednesday session

10:30 am
Nelson - Preschool Storytime

10:30 am
Scottsville - Preschool Storytime

10:30 am
Greene - 1's and 2's Together

10:30 am
Central - Romp 'n Stomp Wednesday

10:30 am
Crozet - Wee Ones: A Toddler Story Time

11:00 am
Northside - Preschool Storytime: Wednesday session

2:00 pm
Louisa - Are You a DIY Person?

3:00 pm
Gordon - Make it and take it: leave your mark bookmarks

3:30 pm
Greene - Bibliophiles: A Teen Book Club

4:30 pm
Central - Squishy Circuits & More

7:00 pm
Gordon - Film Adaptations of a Book

Thursday, September 25

9:30 am
Crozet - Tales for Twos

10:15 am
Northside - Preschool Storytime: Thursday session

10:30 am
Louisa - Preschool Storytime

10:30 am
Greene - Preschool Storytime

10:30 am
Crozet - Preschool Storytime

10:30 am
Central - Tales for Twos

10:30 am
Gordon - Monkey Business: Preschool Storytime

11:00 am
Northside - Two's and Three's Together: Thursday Session

1:30 pm
Northside - Babies and Books

4:00 pm
Northside - Book Bugs Book Group

7:00 pm
Central - Documentary Film Series

Friday, September 26

10:00 am
Crozet - Somebody's Been Eating My Porridge

7:00 pm
Crozet - Fandom Friday: AniManga Club

Saturday, September 27

10:30 am
Northside - Saturday Stories: A Family Storytime

11:00 am
Gordon - Drop-In Storytime

2:30 pm
Gordon - Teen Screen Saturdays: Teen Movies

Sunday, September 28

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September is the time for...

Library Card Sign-Up Month

library card.

Everybody needs a library card. Learn about all the advantages and how to get one for yourself.


Banned Book Week

Banned Books button.

Closing books shuts out ideas. Celebrate the Freedom to Read. Check out this list of frequently challenged books of the 21st Century.

Just For Fun:

Database Spotlight

Language Online Transparent Language Online
is a language-learning system designed specifically for use by the patrons of public libraries. This rapid learning system takes users through a series of simple steps to memorize words and phrases in a new language, including their meanings and proper pronunciation, in the shortest possible time.


BookLetters is a fantastic email newsletter and readers advisory service which contains information on millions of books. There are even lists of new titles on different subjects.

Find out how you can sign up and have new biographies, mysteries, book sizzlers and more emailed to you monthly.